I've taken a lot of courses from this program. They're all free and are usually interesting. This looks like one most of us would like:
"The COMET Program is pleased to announce the publication of the new module, "Arctic Meteorology and Oceanography". Diminishing sea ice has opened to Arctic to navigation and operations like never before. Forecasters will soon be predicting weather in support of those operations. This module is intended to provide forecasters with a brief introduction to the Arctic, including its geography, climatology, and the forecast problems they are likely to encounter. This 2.5-hour module follows a U.S. Coast Guard Cutter on a voyage from Dutch Harbor, in the Aleutian Islands, to Barrow, on the north coast of Alaska. Various topics are addressed along the way in a series of short, stand-alone lessons.

The intended audience for Arctic Meteorology and Oceanography is any operational forecaster who is unfamiliar with the Arctic. With its broad scope, the module should also appeal to students and members of the general public with an interest in the Arctic. Please follow this link to the MetEd description page that provides additional information and a link to begin the module:

You do have to sign up, but they don't ask for much--an e-mail address is enough (they want to make sure people don't troll on their forums.)