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  1. Current Address for the guys
  2. Fan Map Reminder
  3. Buying Nw Gear
  4. 4/6/2006 - Am Northwest - Portland KALU 2
  5. 4/12/2006 - Northwest Afternoon - Seattle KOMO 4
  6. Interviews
  7. The Daily Show With Jon Stewart
  8. Basic *Stupid* Questions
  9. Chat with Edgar at Discovery
  10. Is there a way to see the boat?
  11. The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch
  12. The Tonight Show W/ Jay Leno
  13. Pic of Edgar and Matt
  14. New Business Venture For Sig Hansen
  15. Happy Birthday Norman!
  16. New York Pics
  17. Which design do you favour most?
  18. Happy Birthday Sig!
  19. Ebay Items
  20. Sig on 13 CW31 News Channel
  21. I saw Sig & Edgar Last night!
  22. Jimmy Kimmel
  23. When do they go back home and back out?
  24. When the guys have a littlespare time...
  25. Q13 Fox Tonight
  26. Does Discover pay?
  27. Edgar fans.......
  28. Discovery Chat w/ Captain Sig Hansen
  29. Pic of Sig and a Special Friend
  30. Some new photos
  31. Help! Wondering about New Bedford crew...
  33. Question About Sig
  34. Capt. Sig pulls 'em in
  35. WCSX Radio Interview
  36. How did Forum get started?
  37. Dry docking the boat?
  38. Software Used By The NW
  39. Chicago
  40. money
  41. Digital Painting of the Northwestern
  42. Found a Pic
  43. Resume's VS. Rapp sheet
  44. It is the inside that counts
  45. Current Activites?
  46. New Paint Any New Graphics???
  47. Sig Tales!
  48. Norman
  49. Northwestern Fanlist
  50. Anybody seen this pic before
  51. Edgar's opinion about working in front of the camera...
  52. Food Consumption on the NW
  53. She just went through the Locks
  54. Any truth to the rumor?
  55. New Album
  56. A drawing of the NW
  57. More NW Photos
  58. My photos of new paint job
  59. The Island of Karmoy
  60. Jake's coming back!
  61. Happy Anniversary!
  62. docking
  63. Slogans
  64. Wow!!!!
  65. Youtube videos of the NW/crew
  66. Sig Helping Raise $$ for Conservation?/Bass shop
  67. A poster for the wheelhouse!
  68. What kind of drunks are they?
  69. Icons and Banners
  70. I hear you loud and clear!
  71. The Chat with Capt. Sig...
  72. Digital Art of the Northwestern
  73. Matt is D/C Photo of the Week
  74. Sig Chat As Reported By Deadliest Reports
  75. Address for the guys...
  76. Sig Reeled them in!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  77. Sig Hansen at Roche Harbor
  78. Tender?
  79. Edgar & the crew must be in Sitka, AK
  80. PJ will be sorely missed by all....
  81. "Catch" Star Catches Seafair
  82. NW theme song
  83. Edgar question
  84. Matt coming home for short break
  85. Do you believe this crap?
  86. MAtt's headed back up north
  87. Jake
  88. The 2007 Motorcycle Rally
  89. Do they own any pets?
  90. Plenty of "Edgar" fans in Sitka
  91. Matt gave me a promiss ring
  92. The guys are now Fishing Cod
  93. Adress thread updated
  94. Sig
  95. Sig: New Zealand radio interview
  96. Another Sig interview: RadioLive
  97. Sig Hansen interview from Western Australia
  98. Australia's Daily Telegraph Chats with Sig
  99. crab season
  100. New Zealand Herald: Captain Sig Hansen
  101. Macy's Welcomes "The Deadliest Catch" Sig Hansen
  102. Guys are getting a couple day break
  103. Picture of Sig and daughter
  104. boat question
  105. fishing permits for crab, 2007
  106. Today is the day!!!
  107. A few photos of Sig from the summer...
  108. Captain of his destiny
  109. A New Interview?
  110. Which Hansen is this?
  111. Floor plan of nw?
  112. We aren't silent...just classy!
  113. The Best Wave Breaker Ever!
  114. When do they come here anyway?
  115. Don't Blame Sig Hansen - he has drawn more attention to Alaskan crab than anyone!
  116. Captain Sig - KIAL News
  117. who's this?
  118. Short but sweet Youtube NW clips
  119. Are the guys done with Red Crab?
  120. Possible Sig Appearance for December?
  121. M/Y Royal Eagles haul from Alaska
  122. Opps forgot to tell ya'll
  123. Beat
  124. Sig,Edgar and Matt at Macy's tomorrow
  125. New Pics?
  126. Never home?
  127. $20,000 Paid at Auction for Dinner with Sig Hansen!
  128. NW endorsed crab?
  129. Northwestern photo on Discovery
  130. got sig?
  131. Sig Xmas Party Pics....thanks Matt!
  132. found pic
  133. New Sig Pic?
  134. Anchor's away, but Capt. Sig's ship has come in
  135. So I wonder who the grandmarshal of Seafairs Torchlight parade will be next year
  136. New Crew Photos
  137. Crew pics in Jan. Issue of National Fisherman's Journal
  138. New NW splash page
  139. New Northwestern Photos
  140. Interest in HH NW gear of non US members
  141. Old man praying
  142. Northwestern for Halloween?
  143. Happy Birthday Edgar
  144. Unalaska hit by flu
  145. Boat Builders ?
  146. Ruff Cod season over - Now on to OPIES 08!!!
  147. Can Sig Perform a Wedding?
  148. MAXIM Magazine-blurb from Sig Hansen
  149. Route from Seattle to Alaska
  150. How old are the oldest King Crabs they catch?
  151. Matt Bradley 1 year clean B-Day
  152. how long
  153. How Often Does....
  154. New Opies '08 pics
  155. Edgar's Tattoo
  156. Check out the Northwestern pic!
  157. Happy Birthday Matt
  158. For the un-observant....
  159. Sunglasses
  160. A visit with the Northwestern, Matt and Captain Sig and Time Bandit
  161. Sig Gives advice on Alaskan Storm Game!!
  162. sexiest Captain
  163. Tour the Wheelhouse of the Northwestern v2
  164. Evening to remember Gala
  165. Latest crew pic...
  166. more new videos
  167. Sig & Edgar on Carlson Daly
  168. Sig & Edgar on The Tonight Show & Last Call
  169. Alaskan Storm Coming Soon
  170. Some more Northwestern pics
  171. Sig and Edgar on TV Guide's Reality Chat
  172. Meet Sig Hansen at Helly Hansen, Newport!
  173. This is a Lucky Fan....
  174. Alaskan Storm
  175. Interview with Sig and Edgar
  176. PREVIEW...Edgar gets whacked??
  177. Discovery Ad; Northwestern?
  178. NW Photos
  179. Happy Birthday Norman!
  180. Deadliest Catch Wiki Winner
  181. Sig and Edgar on Martha Sewart
  182. No X-Box?? Fish for crab with your browser
  183. Video: Sig talks about "best fishing days"
  184. Interview with Sig and the Hillstrands
  185. Real Men, Real Danger, Real Reality
  186. Report on Deadliest Catch Party.
  187. Happy Birthday Captain Sig!
  188. New photos from xbox tour at the boat
  189. Another article about the guys
  190. I want it now..ROFL!
  191. Robots Are Good
  192. Northwestern video
  193. sig and edgar on maxim radio
  194. Daft questions from a neewbie??!!
  195. 'Deadliest Catch': Show is a star turn for Seattle-based crew
  196. Sig Versus Dirk
  197. New photo
  198. lookie! sig vids!
  199. New video? Tour of the Northwestern
  200. Captain Sig is next week's guest for Discovery Chat: May 20th, 2008
  201. Pictures from Newport Boat show
  202. Getting seasick?
  203. When will locked forums unlock?
  204. hardcore sig
  205. Interview from Newport Boat show--Sig
  206. Northwestern 5/18/08
  207. Northwestern on KOMO TV Seattle
  208. Discovery’s ‘Deadliest Catch’ fishes for adventure
  209. How does the Sleeping Work on the Boat?
  210. sig & edgar on IQ weekly Fri night
  211. Toby Keith Charity bash with Sig
  212. Consultants for DC?
  213. Is Jake related in any way to the Hansen brothers?
  214. What color are Edgar's eyes?
  215. When's the next chat with our Captain, Sig?
  216. Sig at Salmon Festival in Oakland
  217. Sig in Gloucester
  218. Sig discussing the video game
  219. The Haters
  220. Where is Norman?
  221. Enter to Win VIP Cocktail Party on ABC6.com
  222. I met Deck Boss/Engineer Edgar!
  223. Sig interview
  224. Helly Hansen Warehouse Sale
  225. We Need A "MEN OF THE NORTHWESTERN" Calendar
  226. Season 2005
  227. ophilio season...
  228. Northwestern Links & More
  229. Article: Interview with Matt Bradley
  230. Will Jake get......
  231. Ever have one of those nights?
  232. I finally found Norman!
  233. How many children does Edgar have?
  234. Sig and the Blue Angels
  235. Norman has a heart of gold !!!
  236. Photo of Sig and Edgar
  237. Meet Crab Fishermen In Redmond (Seattle area) Tomorrow!
  238. After The Catch Discussion?
  239. Sig appearing at Epcot in July
  240. Northwestern Youtube Tribute
  241. A Word
  242. meeting the captain and crew
  243. here is a keeper
  244. Sig on "Late Night with Conan O'Brien"
  245. Jake A. gets jacket
  246. Topics for consideration:
  247. Sig Quotes..
  248. DC Alaskan Storm- SIG VIDEOS
  249. DC episode where SIG throws the hook
  250. Fuel ??
  251. Sig and the pirates
  252. Video: Captain Sig Reflects on camera's, fame and more.
  253. The Northwestern Crew and...Music?
  254. Edgar, Matt, Jake and Norman in Newport, RI
  255. Fat heads
  256. Next appearance at EPCOT!
  257. New videos on main page
  258. A hug from Capt. Sig
  259. Alaskan Storm PC Demo
  260. New Sig video on Maxim.com
  261. Were do the pots go when the Northwestern returns to Dutch?
  262. Was the Northwestern always white and blue?
  263. Docked Northwestern
  264. Sig and Edgar on Ron & Don Show - podcast
  265. You know you're spending too much time on the F/V Northwestern site when...
  266. Parade still a thrill, even for big fish
  267. Sig lands with the Pirates
  268. Game Interview with Sig.
  269. NW seen motoring around in the bay
  270. edger's kid?
  271. Alaskan Storm Featured boats?
  272. Pictures from the NW/Party/Parade
  273. The Mod’s trip –
  274. "SIR" Captain Sig
  275. An eveing to remember
  276. Make A Wish -- and the Northwestern!
  277. Martha Stewart Repeat....
  278. Rogue: Deadliest Ale
  279. Some new photos from Norman
  280. If it aint broke....
  281. SW Airlines Torchlight Parade Advertisement
  282. Wallpapers?
  283. Seafair Photos from Studio Narvaez Photography
  284. When does the northwestern leave again??
  285. Slideshow: Step Inside the Northwestern
  286. Happy Birthday Jake
  287. You can vote for Sig!!
  288. Northwestern Grind
  289. Interview: Sig Hansen on KMPS Radio
  290. Mike O'Meara Show Interview with Sig Hansen 9-25-2008
  291. Captain Sig Hansen has been invited to speak at Meydenbauer Yacht Club’s
  292. question about pots
  293. Godspeed Northwestern
  294. Northwestern on her way to Alaska
  295. Feedback: KOMO4 Special "Luckiest Catch" 10/2/08
  296. How'd Everyone like the Komo4 Interview?
  297. No more Edgar
  298. Captain Sig's Deadliest Ale is released.
  299. Reality show
  300. ready set fish!!
  301. A new Discovery Blog
  302. Charity Auction: Dinner for 10 with Sig Hansen and Crew.
  303. Hally Hansen Belview square
  304. Story behind the FV name?
  305. Northwestern Observers
  306. Northwestern in Akutan
  307. King Season
  308. Excellent Northwestern Vid (good for a daily fix)
  309. Tour with Matt on the Northwestern
  310. Pre-Triping the NW before a season?
  311. I'm confused...
  312. Present for all you guys! the Deadliest catch family.
  313. Trouble for Sig????
  314. Helly Hansen Commercial Photos
  315. The Hansen Boys
  316. Northwestern coming home???
  317. Could Be Last 2008 Delivery
  318. Just a Friendly Reminder
  319. Watch Matt Bradley on LA Ink Dec 4th at 10pm
  320. Captain Sig: Super Cool Dude
  321. Capt Sig hosting dinner
  322. Northwestern Artwork
  323. Deadliest Ale (Feedback)
  324. Northwestern Youtube clip...
  325. Photographer's Blog
  326. Sig will be at Fort Lewis today!
  327. Northwestern dates?
  328. Trading Spaces
  329. The guys can dance!!! You have to see this
  330. You tube video of our guys
  331. NW model for sale.
  332. Christmas in Norway for Edgar
  333. Sig gets around.
  334. Capt. Sig to appear in documentary
  335. What is it?
  336. NW Crew Stars in Unofficial Smashing Pumpkins Video
  337. Northwestern gets a new cameraman
  338. Finally, Sig Hansen Video is UP!
  339. Sig and June are both in Dutch
  340. A Second Chance for Something Sweet on Ebay
  341. Was the Northwestern Vandalized?
  342. Plum Cove Thank you to Sig Hansen
  343. Is NW out fishing????
  344. Facebook????
  345. Rogue Nation - Capt. Sig Hopoes
  346. Questions about survival suits
  347. Pacific Fishermen Shipyard
  348. the row boat on the northwestern?
  349. Akutan herring tending pictures
  350. Considerations when meeting crews
  351. Viewing the FVNW at the shipyard
  352. Happy 37th B-Day Matthew D. Bradley
  353. Film on youtube about Sig
  354. Northwestern Offload Update 3/01/09
  355. Interview with Edgar on local Norwegian TV
  356. Sig and Edgar on Jimmy Kimmel
  357. She's home!
  358. Sig in NYC?
  359. MY Ballard Paper reports NW in drydock
  360. Northwestern in Legos
  361. The NorthWestern's Horse Power!
  362. Shout Outs for the Northwestern
  363. Capt Sig's Seafood Products
  364. Sig Hansen: 'No Way' He Would Tell Crew About Katmai
  365. Sig is Rubbing Elbows in NY
  366. Sig and Keith on Mad Money
  367. New video "The Comforts of Home"
  368. New song on Official Homepage
  369. Drawing by Ethan - Age 7
  370. Seems Fishy.. Especially from Sid Hansen.
  371. Content Update
  372. F/V BlackJack - Cait M. - Age 8
  373. The McClay Family
  374. CatchCon 2009
  375. Who has herring biting duties this season? see the video!!
  376. Sig on ABC News
  377. Season 5 Next Week! Shut Up and Watch..or tivo it if you?re busy
  378. Deadliest Captains on Cash Cab Tuesday April 21
  379. Capt Sig on Radio show - Elliot in the Morning
  380. Captain Sig Seafood Products
  381. I won!
  382. Tastiest Catch
  383. Helly Hansen Newport RI
  384. Hansens to Norway?
  385. Sig Interview - The Johnny Dare Show
  386. Captain Sig Dishes on “Deadliest Catch”
  387. Episode 3
  388. Catching up with Seattle's own Capt. Sig Hansen
  389. Happy Birthday Norman!
  390. The Boat
  391. Happy Birthday Sig...
  392. Thank You Sig & Crew
  393. Songwriters-Thank You Fans
  394. This is why you don't give Edgar a Blow Torch
  395. Video Interview with Sig & Tour of Northwestern
  396. Black Weather Gear???
  397. Has anyone else seen this
  398. Mother's Day Marathon
  399. dumb question
  400. Captain Sig’s will be on tap New York City May 5 and 6th 2009
  401. Vote for the Northwestern
  402. Will the Hansen son,s ever be on a boat?
  403. New NW videos posted on website
  404. audio issues
  405. Northwestern cap in europe
  406. Possible crew appearance in Oak Harbor?
  407. Capt Sig on NW Wild Country
  408. Sig in Louisiana
  409. NW BOAT/CREW calendar
  410. I'm not seeing much of the N/W
  411. Capt Sig's voice
  412. Dancing with crabs
  413. meet sig at seas star 5/20/2009
  414. NW video in one place now... WOW
  415. New (old) video
  416. Edgar's Facebook Fan page?
  417. Facebook fan pages New!
  418. Year round
  419. Matt - Chat on June 1 on Deadliestforums.com
  420. What does the NW and it's crew do in the off season?
  421. Music On Deck
  422. Sig on the Daly show tonight June 4th 2009
  423. Ranking the Deadliest Captains
  424. Short clip of Captn's at SD for ATC
  425. I too, just returned from Alaska
  426. Bon Voyage Northwestern!
  427. Lion's Mane Jellyfish
  428. SigHansen appearing Aug 7-9 2009 Newport RI
  429. Question about summer fishing
  430. Sig Hansen, Star of Deadliest Catch, Will Host the Annual Seafood Showdown |
  431. Facebook Pages and Fake
  432. Autism Golf Event
  433. Sighansen.net
  434. Small connection to Sig
  435. Silly question...
  436. Are the Hansen's talking about having the Northwestern lengthened and widened
  437. The Mavars and Jake
  438. which quote from the NW crew should be on the next shirt?
  439. Tastiest catch....
  440. What's your favorite Northwestern moment?
  441. Sig in New Orleans...
  442. Sig inTexas
  443. Photo "Northwestern and a Prayer"
  444. Buy A Round For The NW Crew
  445. Nick
  446. Looking for a Song Title
  447. Deadliest Catch Captain’s Biography Featuring Sig Hansen
  448. Did Sig attend this meeting?
  449. 'Deadliest Catch' fishermen back again at Epcot
  450. Sig Interview - Washington Flyer Magazine
  451. Catching up with Seattle's own Capt. Sig Hansen
  452. A Tribute To The Northwestern
  453. Sig Radio Interview - Bob Rivers Show 102.5 KZOK Seattle
  454. Top 10 Ways to keep Sig happy.
  455. Judge's Poem Inspires Fisherman's Rehabilitative Journey
  456. Same Address?
  457. Sig on Carson Daly Sept 9th
  458. Matt need's your help
  459. "Dedication for the f/v Northwestern"
  460. New Northwestern Book Coming Next Year?
  461. Sig's facebook page about not sure if deadliest catch will air next time ?
  462. An absolute Class Act
  463. Heading Out For Season # 6
  464. SIg appearance September 30 2009 in FLorida
  465. All loaded and ready to go
  466. Team Northwestern at Ronald McDonald gale!
  467. XboX 360 trailer
  468. Do the guys?
  469. Northwerstern on South Park!
  470. Syndication?
  471. Denmark. Sailor teams with F/V Northwestern from Discovery Channel's Deadliest Catch
  472. New Photos on FB
  473. Alaskan Storm Blooper
  474. Norman Speaks Part II Alaskan Storm Asset
  475. New commercial featuring Sig
  476. “My Name Is Sig Hansen And I Am A Fisherman.”
  477. radio call in show interviews Edgar
  478. A Short Feature On Captain Sig Hansen
  479. 2010 opies season departure from Seattle Facebook reposting
  480. North by Northwestern (book) - Capt. Sig Hansen
  481. Sig Hansen Interview On The American Outdoorsman Radio Show
  482. 2010 Opie season St Paul island interviews
  483. Captain Sig On A Baseball Card?
  484. Captain Sig remembers Phil - but has the ship sailed for another?
  485. 'Deadliest Catch's' Sig Hansen's Top 10 reasons he should be on 'Dancing With the Stars'
  486. Matt's Birthday is Friday
  487. Sig and June attend premiere of Life Spring 2010
  488. Ask Sig a question - Discovery UK
  489. Sig in England
  490. Opinion poll
  491. Jake Anderson seeks answers in father's disappearance
  492. Sig on German TV
  493. Bridle Knot
  494. When do they leave Seattle?
  495. Deadliest Catch’s Sig Hansen Extended Interview - Trout Magazine
  496. Sig Interview =)
  497. Sig on FoxNews.
  498. what's the time
  499. Elliot Bay Books - signing April 9th, 2010
  500. Sig on 99.5 WYCD Detriot’s Country