View Full Version : The Widowmaker: Part 2 - Episode 18

  1. Episode 18-Chest and Left arm pain is not good
  2. Episode 18-Saga has early off load
  3. Episode 18-Capt Sig Arrives in Anchorage
  4. Episode 18-Cornelia Marie gets the Call from the Processor
  5. Episode 18-The Time Bandit is looking for this last string to fill the pots
  6. Episode 18-Problems on the Cape Caution
  7. Episode 18-NW head for Seattle
  8. Episode 18-Capt Sig Gets the News
  9. Episode 18-Wild Bill and Zack have a Chat
  10. Episode 18-Saga calls it a season
  11. Episode 18-The Brenna A wakes to find the fleet has found them
  12. Episode 18-CM turns to town to honor the offload date
  13. Episode 18-The Wizard finishes her season
  14. Episode 18-Time Bandit finishes the season
  15. Episode 18-Capt Sig meets the NW at the dock