View Full Version : The Widowmaker: Part 1 - Episode 17

  1. Episode 17--Saga is ready to leave the dock and finish her season
  2. Episode 17--NW back on the crab grounds
  3. Episode 17--Bad weather shuts down fishing on the NW
  4. Episode 17--The Saga is Catching Crab
  5. Episode 17--Water Problems on the Cape Caution
  6. Episode 17--The NW is unable to enter St Paul harbor
  7. Episode 17--NW loses the anchor
  8. Episode 17--Coast Guard out on a Medi-Vac
  9. Episode 17--The NW ports in St Paul
  10. Episode 17--Capt Sig burns his log book on the last toss
  11. Episode 17--Capt Sig heads for home